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Trade-in Your Used Books

Zenith Bookstore is committed to selling quality books at affordable prices. And we are always looking for interesting books in great condition to add to our collection.
You can trade in your gently-used books and earn store credit. Store credit can be used at any time – it never expires. Store credit can be applied for up to 50% of your used book purchases. We also pay cash for books, particularly for large collections and estates.

We take in used books Tuesday through Saturday 1-6 p.m., or by appointment. 

How We Decide What To Take
The most important consideration is the condition of the book. Books must be in very good (like new) shape.  Books should not be dirty, torn, stained, underlined, have loose pages or cracked spines. Hardcovers must have their original dust jacket, except possibly for older, collectible books. Books that have been sitting in boxes in a basement or garage tend to have mold or stains, and are not sellable. The same is true for books that have been exposed to cigarette smoke.
How we decide what to take is based on subject matter, current stock levels, and supply and demand. The easiest way to explain what we are looking for is to say that we want a reflection of what is on our shelves. Some of the categories we are most interested in include: literature, regional interest, children’s and young adult fiction, history, science, art, crafts, nature, and ethnic studies.

There Are Some Books That We Don’t Accept:
  • Library books
  • Encyclopedias
  • Harlequin Romances
  • Magazines
  • Reader’s Digest Condensed Books
  • Time-Life series books
  • We generally do not accept books that get dated quickly, such as computer manuals, travel guides, or diet, finance, and education books
How It Works
Bring in your books to trade Tuesday through Saturday. If a store buyer is available to look at your books we will check them out right away. We will go through all your books and make an offer for store credit and/or cash. If we are not helping other customers, a shopping bag full of books may take us about 15 minutes to process. If you have a large quantity of books (more than a small box), please call before you come in to alert us and to make an appointment.
After we make you an offer for your books, we ask that you take back the "rejects.’’ We have limited space and are not able to process books that we do not sell. There are a number of places we can refer you to that accept donations, including branch libraries, The Damiano Center, and Savers. Please do not leave books outside our door or bring in books that you want to recycle.

Things To Know About Store Credit
  • Our electronic inventory system keeps track of your store credit so you don’t need to worry about carrying special coupons or receipts.
  • Store credit can only be used for purchasing used books. It cannot be used for special orders, new books, or non-book items.
  • Store credit can be used when purchasing used books on-line. Just let us know during the ordering processes and we will adjust the cost as needed.
  • Store credit never expires.
  • An Example: Suppose you have earned $16 in store credit, and on your next visit to Zenith Bookstore you would like to buy $20 worth of used books. Then you can use $10 of your store credit for your purchase -- the books will cost you $10. And you will have $6 in store credit remaining for your next purchase.